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   Attention Florida Owners:  Legislation adopted during the 2002 Session significantly affects all elevator inspections. These changes are effective June 5, 2002 require all inspections be performed by third party inspectors.
   Third-party inspectors/inspection companies must be registered with the State of Florida, Bureau of Elevator Safety and not be elevator company employees. All inspectors must maintain a current State of Florida Certified Elevator Inspector license as well as a QEI Certification (a national elevator inspector credential) and liability insurance in at least the minimum limits established by statute. Elevator inspections are required, based on the following criteria:

    All elevators shall be inspected annually, unless the elevator  serves only 2 adjacent landings, with a full-service maintenance      agreement continuously in effect and the unit is not an escalator or dumbwaiter.
    Tests on all units shall be witnessed by a State of Florida Certified Elevator Inspector.

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